Camera failed support needed

@AnkerSupport can someone respond ?
I have today awoken to see that one of my eufycam 2 units has gone offline , it was near fully charged and has been working with no issues, today I can’t get it online cannot re add the cam and it won’t show any indication of power even when plugged into the charger ?

It’s just over a year old and I cannot believe it’s knackered already?

The sync button doesn’t even beep when holding it down … worked fine yesterday, last activation was around 9pm (UK ) ?

Have emailed support and had the usual auto replies and tried live chat but off line and tried calling but closed (times are 6am to 11am for UK customers !!) …

Help please - I’ve experienced your so called support before so not holding out much hope but do want a replacement sorting soon

You should get a ticket number from the customer service so we can help you.

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I have responded to customer service again

If you dont get their reply you can send me your email address and I can help forward.

I have their reply and responded with the same info again

The same thing has happened to my cam E and then my 2 Pro two weeks after. It happened on both occassions after taken the cameras down and recharging them with the homebase. Both cameras are now dead bricks and customer supports say its outside the 12 months warranty. It really sucks having to pay for a camera that works for little over a year, and then being told they can’t help you. And this seems to be a defect with the cameras if they stop working after being fully charged.