Camera Display Upside down, no Sound, Detection minimal

Frustrated to say the least. Last night one of my cameras display appears upside down. Never experienced this before and have owned since 2020. I read to rotate 180 degrees. I do not have that option. I turned off and restarted. Restart my router and so forth. Eventually it fixed itself.
Today, the same camera, no longer detects motion unless you are about five feet in front. No longer has audio feature for a conversation No, I have not turned off the sound, yes, my volume is up.
UPDATE I ended up emailing support, got a response to what specific was my question was I asked. Am I being hacked? How did this occur? Why am I experiencing this issue? And now that all this is transpired, why is my cameras functioning so poorly? I never received an answer back. The bottom line here of over $1k spent, I assume they could care less supporting older models since the are out of warranty. I do not plan on upgrading until this system is completely useless. As they are making it that way. Is anyone else having these issue with your Eufy cameras 1 and 2? I do not see any recent posting of what I am experiencing.