Camera Ball Joint - camera has become detached


I have a flood light camera which i’ve recently installed. Whilst tilting the camera part downwards, the ball joint came out of the socket, so that the camera is now just hanging by the wires.
There is a tiny screw on the socket which i thought removing would allow me to slip the ball back into the socker, but it doesn’t seem to make it any easier to get back in.

How do i get the ball back into the socket? I’m wary of forcing it to hard in case i break the plastic.

Any help much appreciated.

Try a little soap on the rim of the socket. That will probably allow you to get it back in. The only downside is it may make it too loose when it does go back in.

@document_controller I’ve done this to 3 out of 4 of my Eufy Floodlights, along with a couple of other users on here. If you take the joint out and reverse it, you’ll actually be able to lower the camera even more. With that being said, just try not to pull out the cords too much. You’ll have to force the ball back in with some force, but it’ll work. Then reattach the screw like you had it before.

Thanks a lot guys