Camera alarm sound immediately goes off when "away" mode is activated

I am having a serious problem with my alarm setup at home.
The camera’s alarm sound goes off immediately when activating “away” mode on keypad, as well as when I enter the appartment and motion is detected.

The camera behaves as it would fully ignore both types of delays configured. I already tried to remove the camera from the system and re-add it.
It has worked for 1 or 2 weeks and when we went to vacation and the neighbors took care of the system they somehow managed to break the software. If someone from support reads this, I already reported the problem induced by my neighbor: #TNT296276872
They have no access to the app, just access to the keypad. We haven’t changed any app settings.

I could identify that the camera pointing to the keypad is the problem, because when I removed it from the system, everything works as expected.

I have:

  • Homebase2
  • Keypad
  • 2C Pro Cam pointing towards keypad

Settings “away” mode:

  • 15s delay before alarm (in sub-menu, camera is checked)
  • 30s delay to leave apartment (in sub-menu, camera is checked)

Settings keypad:

  • passcode required to switch mode: Disabled

Steps to reproduce:

  1. When activating “away” mode:

    1. Press “Away” mode on keypad OR activate in App
    2. Camera’s alarm sound goes off right away without delay
  2. When coming home:

    1. Open door
    2. Camera’s alarm goes off right way without delay


Camera should wait 30s so I can leave apartment / wait 15s before alarm goes off when entering apartment.

Can switch modes without PIN: Yes

Delays configured accordingly for mode “away”:

“Vordertür” is the problematic camera (camera that points to the keypad and recognizes motion)

It is checked for the Leave-Apartment-Delay:

So it is for the “Delay alarm” setting:

Eufy support responded today by mail:

Our technician has examined your case:
alarmdelay can only control HomeBase.
If the cam detects motion, there will still be an alarm
It is recommended that you can use the app to manually switch the mode after leaving.

Is this a joke eufy?

Unbelievable, tech support just wants to close cases that they can’t figure out or just too lazy to help you.
In their reply how could they say that. It’s just a work around for a product that doesn’t work as it should. When obviously the App gives you the option to set an alarm delay time for that camera?

Did you ever find a fix for this? I have the exact same situation. I only placed the cameras where I did as its shows that you can have a leaving delay. However, the alarm sounds immediately because of motion whilst leaving the property. Its also the same for the alarm delay. There should be a delay when motion triggers but it immediately sets the alarm off.