Camera 1080hd Detection Problems


I mounted one camera one my second storey of the front of my house looking down to the fence and gate.
It barely detects someone out the front.

I’ve tried adjusting sensitivity, activity areas.

9.8 times out of 10 it won’t pick anyone up

Help as I’m considering trying Arlo

What are the distance from the camera to the front yard?

What is the camera?

What is the height from the ground and potential angle

1080 HD, approx 10 metres to the gate and then beyond that there is another area which is a further 10 metres, maybe a 40 degree angle as its postioned on my second storey which is above the 10 feet maximum as I have only two options, less than 7 feet or about 12 feet.

The strange thing is it will pick cars up on the road which is beyond the lower area, so that would be approx 25 metres.

I tested it a lot with the family and it never picked anyone up coming through the gate. Then our friends arrived (three of them) and it picked them up coming through the gate but not when the left at night.

So frustrating.

Hello, my camera stops working randomly, especially during mornings. Picks up cars on street but, doesn’t video me leaving in my car from driveway.

Same issue, reported and advised it is the environment!