Cam connection via WiFi of Homebase?

I have a doorbell and 2 Eufycam2 pro cameras. I am able to connect the doorbell at the front of the house and 1 camera directly at the back of the house (the Homebase is set to wifi and is near the backdoor). But when I want to place a camera in the back of the garden (10 meters from backdoor) the signal rapidly drops and the connection is lost.
I wonder if the camera connects to the HomeBase or my wifi network? So could the solution be to add an extra wifi point at the back of the garden? Or do I need a Homebase there to?

@Jochem81 As far as I know, the camera connects directly to the home base. The home base connects to your Wifi.

If the space between your garden camera and the base is too far (walls, distance, other interference, etc.) and drops off significantly, then I would suggest getting another home base… and get it as close as possible (elevating
it, is even better). In my setup, I noticed the more home bases I setup throughout my house (different rooms), the better range I get from all my cameras.

So I guess it’s better to place the HomeBase in the middel of the house and try to get an extra wifi point to the back of the garden and connect an extra Homebase there (in the shed).
Although I believe the HomeBase isn’t sold seperately…