Cam automation trigger recording length

I have my cams set to record for 1 minute. When Cam A is triggered it turns on Cam B through automation but Cam Bit doesn’t record for the 1 minute, only for a few seconds. I would think that this is an oversight but it needs to be remedied. Or maybe I there is another setting I am unaware of. Support seems to think it should record for the set duration of 1 minute.

Make sure to turn off the setting to End early if no motion. That’s what usually causes the short recording time.

Yes, that’s turned off

You get 6 seconds. if that camera that’s triggered by automation can make an identification ( for example human if your cam is set to human only) during those 6 seconds, then it will continue to record up to your selected time length.

If you have an alarm set for human only… that 6 second recording won’t trigger the alarm if it does not make a human identification. (This is a good thing)

Confusing… yes.

Sorry for the late reply. Thanks for the information!!