Buy Video Door Bell without Homebase?

Can I buy a battery video door bell without the Homebase in the UK? I already have the Homebase.

I see you can buy it separately in the USA

Not at the moment, you can only buy the battery version with the homebase or you can buy the wired version in the UK

I think Eufy have said it’s coming later this year but no dates at the moment

Ok. Thanks

The add on doorbell has just started shipping in Australia, and I got one. But with 3 x 2c cams and 2 door sensors, I think there’s a bit of a performance hit on the HB when loading vids, switching to live view etc. Also I wouldn’t mind the doorbell chiming through a HB in the living area, and not the rumpus where it’s ethernet cabled to the router. For me, thinking a 2nd HB mayve actually been a better choice. Depends on setup though person to person.

Hope this sells soon as I want to add to my new setup