BT issues with saving events?

Hi there, at my wits end with this one(!)

I bought a Eufy doorbell camera for myself and have had it set up and connected with Vodafone with zero issues.
I decided to buy a Eufy for my Mum for her home and she is on BT internet.
It was all going well, then BT decided to do a firmware update on the router (which they claim has caused no issues ;)) and since then my Mum’s recordings are no longer being saved for viewing in the events log at all.
We went down the troubleshooting route with Eufy, nothing seemed to work (uninstalling, deleting, readding…you name it, we’ve done it!) so I thought, ok let me take it to my house and see if I can get it to work. Set it all up on my Vodafone internet, again zero issues! So it must be to do with BT?!

Honestly BT have been worse than useless in my opinion. There is a solid connection for my Mum’s doorbell, yet they have sent her yet another WiFi extender/disc now (they’ve already sent her 3?!). The BT engineer popped round to my Mum’s this morning and said it wasn’t his problem and left!!

As someone who works in IT, I am absolutely fuming and cannot believe they would just try and fob my Mum off like that!

So what I’m really asking, is what other settings can I try on my side to try and get these events saved? I have looked into the router settings and firewall and no matter what I change it doesn’t seem to make a difference.
I’ve told my Mum to change internet provider if we can’t sort it because I think it’s a disgrace. This has been going on for at least a month now.

Just in case anyone experiences the same issue, I now have the answer!!

BT include products in their broadband package; one of them is BT/McAfee Virus Protect. (I wasn’t aware of this as it’s completely unrelated to the actual router and not mentioned anywhere obvious!)

I used TeamViewer to remote into my Mum’s PC from my home laptop and opened up Virus Protect. I viewed the logs and I could see all of the blocked connections from the Eufy device.
I cautiously allowed some ports in the firewall settings, not much luck there. Tried again today and just opened all the common ports - the recordings came flying through!

I have since closed the majority of ports without issue and now my Mum is delighted.

So if you have BT, check those pesky add-ons!!