Both Eufy Cameras say establishing secure video channel

Hi all

I am constant having to reset by the hub both my security cameras as they both say establishing secure video channel 90% of the time. Iv reset everything iv uninstalled the reinstalled, are Eufy cameras just not good?

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I’m having the exact same issue with my 360 cam. 1gb internet, situated close to router. Playback on an iPhone 14 pro and 13 pro so there’s not an issue with processing power there. This only started happening after an update a while ago. It’s very annoying and I know the camera is capable of instant replay as it used to work perfectly in the past. I’ve tried restarting device, I’ve formatted the card (this seems to help slightly for a few hours sometimes) and I’ve also tried different faster cards. It’s becoming unusable now. I hope there’s a fix being developed but I’m assuming they are slowing devices down to try up sell the more expensive home bases and cameras. It’s looking like I’m going to have to move to another company soon.