Bird picture cam

While it might be possible to use the current offering to take pics of birds, I am asking specifically for a camera that can be easily place up close to birds.

Small size
Fast focus
Wide angle lens to see entire body of bird
Able to mount on feeder? Or angled on feeder hood?
Battery powered
Camera that takes videos, preferred 4k then software that can later allow for snapshots to be easily taken from paused video

Extra wish list
can initiate and capture slow mo video live from eufy app
can capture pics live from eufy app at high resolution

Fun wish list
The camera is in the shape of a bird so real birds are not put off by it and would be curious enough to come up close to it

No other company offers such a thing, so is a unique request. A critter cam might be what this ultimately falls in line with but asking for a special on for bird watchers, who believe it or not are a huge population.

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Love your idea but… why would Eufy SECURITY make a bird camera?

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Well I assume they want to sell more camera products, security or not… But I get your point

Yeah… maybe you should check out which is a smart home company they have a forum where you could request this. You might have a higher change of getting them to do something like this down the road.