Better (per device/application) notification controls / Ability to send notification to 3rd party product or service

1 – I would like to see the ability to turn off notifications per a device but also per an installed mobile app.
Example… I could turn off 1 particular camera or motion sensor notification on my wife’s phone but still receive notifications from that device on my phone. Right now this appears to be an all or nothing setup for all shared devices which I don’t see workaround except for disabling all notifications for the security app on her phone.

2 – I would like to have the ability to send notification to 3rd party product, service, or URL. Since I have not seen a reply to my previous post (see link below), this would be a start of a good middle ground solution which would give most users some of the extra functionality they want without open sourcing your software.

Previous POST
“Petition for open source API’s, a Dev share program, and direct App to hardware communication”


Fully supported. My wife doesn’t want all the notifications I do. Especially notifications by geolocation. She doesn’t want doorbell notifications when out and I am at home, etc. Per app notifications are needed please.

I have actually made this FEATURE REQUEST for the Eufy App specifically, but I fully agree that each and every instance / scenario you mention is completely valid and needs to be addressed if this ecosystem is ever to reach a fully mature and robust state of operation and user-friendliness!

One of my biggest gripes has long been, not only the grossly inadequate and/or fully insufficient NOTIFICATION functionality of the Eufy app and across the ecosystem as a whole, but also what are terrible quality of audio files embedded in the application for notification sounds. Additionally,
I find virtually every built-in notification tone & ringtone to just plain be patiently awful–to the point of being stunningly painful to hear at virtually ANY VOLUME LEVEL; atop the fact that to my classically trained musical few if any of the doorbell sounds sound remotely pleasant, sonically accurate, true-to-life or much like bells or chimes at all.

Moreover, the notification sounds vary so significantly in overall volume level (i.e., they are NOT recorded using any form of peak-leveling, or audio circuitry overload-limiting compression) due in very large part to the development team not having access to or simply failing to confer with an audio specialist to have professionally created content included within the Eufy app.

One simple fix that should NEVER be overlooked by the developers whenever audio samples, sounds or audio manipulation abilities are baked into the application–whether Android, iOS,Tizen or other–is the utilization of the traditional habit of audio sample NORMALIZATION! This process uses a quality audio resampling method that standardizes the overall peak-to-peak “volume” in every audio file, such that each sound has the same overall APPARENT VOLUME throughout the application; regardless of the transients, content frequency range, or other audio artifacts that would otherwise cause imbalances in the levels from one sound to another.

I literally have written to the dev team and offered my services & the use of my home recording studio that consists of over $45K in pro-audio gear, including Roland, Korg & Yamaha synthesizers that provide an unlimited arsenal of creativity & sonic possibilities–FREE OF CHARGE! A simple THANKS TO…in the application’s “ABOUT” section where all the developers & beta testers get their mention would be the best reward. Okay, that and the fact that the sounds throughout the Eufy ecosystem would be epic and would provide a plethora of user-assistive, helpful- pertinent and otherwise quality notification & ringers that gave end-users FLEXIBILITY and options. None of which exist currently. Eufy has not responded.

All of that still doesn’t matter if the internal development is NOT fully fleshed out to provide the users with OPTIONS to silence, mute, reassign sounds, and more across the ecosystem and from one device to another within the application. So, as the OP states (I’m paraphrasing)…there is so much that is truly NEEDED to make our lives with Eufy IoT / security devices a more tolerable & customizable experience that makes using Eufy products a treat and not a curse.

Thanks for indulging me on my particular aspect of this issue that I’ve found extremely discouraging and lacking–seriously so.