Best Robot vacuum value - Eufy Robovac 11S Max

Just one opinion, but they tested a number of products.

I seriously looked at the Eufy vacuums a few weeks ago and ended up with a Neato over the Eufy. Biggest single reason was the affordable Eufy vacuums do not have laser mapping and after reading enough reviews like the one above laser mapping became a must have for me.

My Neato D4 with laser mapping was $191 after a coupon and it works great. Does right at 1000 square feet in multiple rooms in under an hour. I hope to see a Eufy compete with laser mapping for $299 or so and I would happily try one out! To me the $499 bot needs to have a second model that drops the mopping feature and just worries about being the best vacuum option. $299 and they would “mop up” lol, but even $349 regular price with sales to $299 would work fine.

If it is the same article, It was a decent one but some others had it beat although I did not compare the prices on them.