Best AI integration for Eufy home 1 Security

Just recieved the system today consisting of 2 eufyCams, homebase 1 and 2 door sensors. Currently have the cams charging where I can get them up and going soon along with the door sensors that are already installed. So far happy as you could be over a security setup. However I’m looking for some seasoned users opinions which luckily everyone seems to have these days so I’m anticipating some great feedback, hopefully. For an android and more specifically a Samsung user which AI integration will offer me the most bang for my buck per say between Google and Amazon. Being clueless I would think Google since Samsung has Google plastered throughout the current Galaxy, but I have nothing at all to base that thought on other than that. Wondering what the two AI features offer, which would be the more useful of the two and frankly having neither integrated into my life(only Bixby) if their even worth my time fooling with as the hideous monstrosity that came on my Alienware from Microsoft had me ready to pull my hair out. Also was wondering if their would be any way to integrate my old S8 and S9 that up until today i was using for security through Alfred Cams. I really need 4 cameras. Is that a possibility or will i have to use 2 systems (eudy, alfred) to achieve the 4 camera setup. Frankly is their any other cams at all that can be used or only eudy? Lastly i just hope and would really appreciate if you guys would get me up to speed. Im one thats a super educated buyer but with this its sadly not the case. I hope their is an awesome community of people here to help fill me in on the good the bad and the ugly. Waaawaaa waaaaaaaa wah wah waaaaaah. I’ll be sure to do my part to liven things up and inform newcomers here but right now I’m the greenest horn of the group. I’m sure I’ve probably forgot one of the main things i planed to asked so if their is anything that stands out to you as something you wished you knew before but now do. You’re the water I’m a sponge, what’re ya waiting for soak me. No but hope to get some responses. Even if its just to say hello, I will greatly appreciate it all.
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Till the responses start to role, your friend, Brady Higdon Payne


I tried both Alexa and GoogleHome with my Hombase 1 and 4x Cam2 setup.

Definitely prefer the GoogleHome function and have now started using a Nest Hub for onscreen and voice control which works well.

Try both, see what you prefer and have fun.

Hey @BradyPayne1993,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us!

We really appreciate your support in our brand and being part of the eufy family.

For our eufycam system, it is made exclusive to paired with the eufy security devices. The eufycam is currently not supported by another security system with Alfred. So sorry for the inconvenience caused.

According to the Alexa and Google integration, you are welcome to send us an email to, we will have the engineer to assist you with this issue within 24 hours.

Hope this information helps. Any other concerns we can address in the future, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you for your support. Have a lovely day.