Battery video doorbell - no notifications since latest update


Is anyone else having the same problem as me? Ever since the last update, I am no longer receiving notifications or they are significantly delayed i.e. 15 minutes+ afterwards.

When I log into the app, I can see that the any doorbell or motion has been recorded. I am just not getting the notification.

Signal is showing as great and just in case, I bought a WiFi extender.

I have an Android phone. I have double checked the settings in the app and also in in my phone settings. These are all correct. I have restarted my phone as well.

Would be good to know if there is a fix for this. It was working great prior to the latest update.


It’s not the app. It could be the doorbell is faulty /broken.
Have you checked whether your phone kills the app in the background? Some manufacturers do that a lot. Can you verify if the app can run without restrictions?


Yes, I believe I have set it so that the app can run in the background.

I was going to try and add a screenshot to this but I cannot see that I can. Under Apps > EufySecurity > App Launch, it is a set to Manage Automatically. I can confirm that I have gone into this and under Run in background, it says “Keep app running in background”.

Manage automatically sounds scary regardless. If possible I would disable any background or optimization setting for a day to rule out that it’s the phone aggressive task killing.
It could also be the network setup, I misread you having the battery variant, sorry.

I even checked in the app whether the firmware was up to date (it was) Google Play showed that there was another update. I installed that and everything is working as normal again!

Thanks for your help!

I don’t feel like doing anything, but nevertheless, glad to help :slight_smile: