Battery video doorbell - Alexa routine not working, but ok with 2C cameras

I have set up Alexa routine, whereby my Eufy battery Doorbell & 2c cameras detect movement during the night my alexa enabled house lamps will come on in certain areas around the house for a few minutes to deter prowlers. This routine works ok with the 2C cameras, but any detection from the doorbell camera doesn’t activate the Alexa routine. (note the camera is detecting motion, as the app on my iphone pings etc.) but doesn’t activate the routine?

…any ideas why it works ok with 2C’s & not the doorbell camera ?

Ok, I have received response from EUFY,
“In your case, please know that the routine will not work with the doorbell camera detection movement in Alexa yet. Thanks for your precious feedback, we will forward it to our back-end team and let them see how to make an improvement in the future.”