Battery still slowly losing charge even though I have a power adapter plugged in

I have the battery doorbell but have a power adapter plugged into it but it still loses battery charge slowly any suggestions? Thanks


What’s the rating of the power adapter?
Possible it’s not powerful enough to run the camera & charge

As the battery doorbell is also able to control a wired chime is a resistor required for the power adapter to stop short circuits when bell is pressed?
Is it possible the power adapter has blown a fuse?

This has been raised before. How low have you let the battery get? It should fall to around 90% before recharge to maintain battery condition.

If this us no good you need to test the doorbell wires with a multimeter, this is for 2 reasons 1. Low voltage/failing voltage from psu (test again at the psu and compare) 2. Long runs of cable with DC voltages get attenuated, being slightly low wouldn’t necessarily effect an old school bell, but would your smart bell.

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18v ac500ma

Its at 94% now…

Ah keep waiting, no investigation required unless it drops below 90%. Its working as intended so far.

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Thank you…It doesn’t have to have a resistor does it?

According to spec it should handle 16—24V so I don’t see why it should need one.

I think I’d just wait on this, as I don’t yet think you have an issue, and if it drops into the 80% range you still have 4 months or so of battery life to raise a ticket with Eufy as nd get remedy. But for now there is no point fiddling with something that is probably working properly.

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Thank you sir…

The battery doorbell is 8v-24v, can’t seem to find the required VA rating, there doesn’t seem to be any proper specs anywhere
Unlike the wired camera the battery one works with a chime, to do so it creates a short across the terminals, if you are just connected to a PSU that would short out the PSU

@AnkerSupport can you confirm whether a resistor is required or built in to the doorbell?

I see what your saying, I can’t see them not including it. They said you can use it with existing chimes, NOT you must use it with existing chimes to have it powered… That would be a major design faux pas

Update…Dropped to 89% but getting a rolling indicator by the little plug sign like its charging? But it’s been on 89% for a pretty good while…

Thanks for reaching out! @kev18

If possible, could you please let us know your eufy account? And the also serial number of the Floodlight, so we can quickly look into this case for you.

Meanwhile, please let us know if the recording mode has been set to the “All motion”.

Any other concerns we can address in the future, please feel free to contact us at

Where is the serial number? Its the battery video doorbell…

Its not all motion…

The adapter is 18v 500mah with a resistor…

  • DOORBELL TRANSFORMER WITH RESISTOR: plugs into your standard 110 V/ 120 V outlet and converts to 18 V, 500 mA/AC; Series connect the doorbell resistor with either leads of the transformer to protects the doorbell from abnormal voltage and current fluctuations, eliminating and reducing the doorbell hum
  • ESIGNED FOR DOORBELL POWER SUPPLY: widely applied for doorbells, compatible with Ring Nest Hello Skybell August Doorbell, etc.; Charge for doorbell directly, without needing to remove the battery to charge up, easy and convenient to solve the “doorbell low battery”
  • UL CERTIFIED: UL certification passed, stable and durable 18 V transformer for doorbell
  • EASY INSTALLATION: easy and quick install, 16.5 ft cable is long enough to plug it into an electrical outlet inside or outside your house
  • PACKING LIST: : 1 x doorbell power supply, 1 x 50 W 25 Ohm resistor; The brand mentioned above is just for demonstrating compatibility

Talked to Eufy tech…Said it will go all the way down to 40% or more and then the wire will start charging it back up. It has a battery protection in it…Will not stay topped off.Not good for battery but it will charge back up


Mystery solved