Battery Powered Doorbell Stop working 31degress Celsius

Hi Eufy…

My battery powered doorbell stop working at 31 degrees Celsius…is this a hardware issues or software issue.


Did you get an icon or message that the doorbell was too hot? My cameras will pop up an icon that tells you when its too hot or too cold to charge and I will also get an alarm notification if the device is overheating. I have just started getting overheating alarms yesterday on one of my cameras in my shed and its coming on at exactly 122 deg. F (50 C) Note that the camera is still working at that temp, it’s just telling me there is a problem before it craps out.

I have the battery doorbell (T8210) and it’s rated for 50 deg. C. If you didn’t get notification, it’s probably not temperaature related. You could try turning it off in the app for 10 seconds or so to see if that helps. Is it charged?

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