Battery power draining on 2c camera

Hello I have 2 cameras - one retains its power the other is now draining very quickly. No difference in set up on both. Started using only 2 months ago and has just recently been. Problem. Thanks for any help.

Switch them. See if that trend continues.

Tried that but still have a problem with the battery draining (50% after 12 hours compared to the other one which is 80% after 2 months).

Any other advice? Should I send it back and get a replacement?

If you switched them… and this trend continued… i would remove and hard reset the faulty cam. Then if it continues I would call for a replacement. Switching the cams should have eliminated the possibility that the high drain was due to false triggers and AI skips. You could always compare your cams detection stats.

Sorry but how do you hard reset the camera. Sorry !

Remove camera from Eufy Security app. Then press the sync button five times in quick succession, you should hear a beep.

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go into the camera settings for both cameras. in power manager under the power level tap on detection statistics. compare the two. if they are equal in statistics and your getting that kind of drain, return it.