Battery pack to back up Homebase 2?

Are Anker/Eufy developing a backup power system to add to the Homebase 2?

I ask because if the mains power gets disrupted I would like a battery pack (that could be added to the plug cable) to kick in so the system can run uninterrupted for at least 12hrs.


You can use any widely available UPS system (APC, CyberPower, etc) to accomplish this. HB2 uses very little power (24 VA max), so even a small UPS should be able to power it for hours.

Lastly, don’t forget to put your network equipment on a UPS as well.

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@alexjiang thanks for the heads up I’ll check them out. :+1:

The back up battery is now available on amazon, how come we did not hear this from Eufy. It suddenly appears. Hope the same happens with an external sirene…

You mean this?

Surprisingly…. It’s unavailable…

Here in spain it is available