Battery life question

I’ve had my Eufycam 2C system since the end of March so around 4 months. I’m about to have to charge the 2 cameras for the 3rd time. I was under the impression these camera batteries were good for close to 6 months. That must be if the cameras never sense motion or record anything.
I contacted tech support and ask about it and was told that something must be wrong with the battery and they replaced one of the cameras. Well the replacement isn’t any better than the original.
I’m sure these batteries have a life cycle…so many charges…before they are no longer able to take a charge. At this rate these batteries won’t last long and it looks like they aren’t replaceable. When I charge them I was going by the instructions but the last charge I charged for 24 hours. Didn’t help.
Am I the only one with this issue?

Also, does anyone from Eufy support ever come in here and try to help? I see a lot of people having the same issues myself included but no replies from Eufy.

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battery life on my 4ea 2c cameras and my battery doorbell is one of the bright spots for me. after 3 months the doorbell is at 62%. 3 of the 2c cameras are over 40% (and that is with alot of camera checking the first 6 weeks.) the fourth 2c camera actually needed to be recharged recently but that was because of the constant disconnect problems i was having and heavily working that camera while i was fixing or trying to fix it’s issues. i believe i read that the 6 month claim on battery life is based on 10 triggers per camera per day with minimum video recording time. are you getting alot of triggers (motion) from trees, bushes or foot traffic in their current location?

Are you using the camera through the Eufy App or through Homekit? I’ve heard homekit uses the battery far more.

If your using the Eufy App what have you got set under Power Manager for the cameras is it set to Optimal Battery life?

Mine have been running for 144 days on there first charge the main one that detecting most of the detections is our driveway and pick up over 1413 motion detections and I have 23% battery life lift

I’m not getting a lot of triggers especially the camera in the back yard. They both seem to burn thru a charge and I have the settings on optimal battery life. I might turn one on to look if I hear something out side but never leave it on. When we are away I check on the dogs with the backyard camera but again jus to see if they are outside.

My doorbell is wired so there is no recharge.

I use the Eufy App and they are on optimal battery life.

Might be worth getting in touch with eufy support to see if they can have a look at your cameras to see if they can diagnose what may be wrong.

I have contacted them, months worth of emails and countless minutes on hold waiting on phone support. Nothing gets fixed. They replaced one of the cameras not long after I got the system for poor battery performance but the camera they sent is as bad as the original.

I’ve been looking for solar panels to connect them to but I can’t find any on this site.

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solar panels for the 2c should be out q1 2021. (Solar panels for eufycam 2c)

Charge time is based off activity and also I have noticed with each firmware update that incorporates new features also causes more battery drain.

But, you can always get This solar panel and use to keep your cameras topped off. I have one over my garage for my 2c camera there. I’m gonna get a few more for when I remount my other cameras.

the problem with aftermarket panels is that unless you silicone the hell out of the connection you will lose the cameras water resistance. it’s my hope eufys panel will retain the seal.

I had to recharge the original purchase camera left of the 2 yesterday. The blue light is supposed to go out when the camera battery is fully charged. This one the light never goes out and takes almost 24 hours to charge where the replacement will charge on the same fast charger in around 6 hours. I bought this system back in March this year. I guess the inconsistency applies to battery charging also.

Same boat here. Just got the 2 cam set with Homebase 2. Does anyone here turn the night vision setting off for the motion light? I did thinking it would help the battery life on each cam. But, would love to keep the setting on. Anybody notice a difference with this setting on and then off? Lastly, when the setting was on it seemed liked the motion light was always on with these cams. Currently using with HomeKit too. Thank you! :slight_smile:

I can’t answer about the spotlight setting as I’ve tried off and on both. I can say that in my case I have the spotlight on and can walk past the camera and see the red light and get a motion notification but the spotlight doesn’t come on but a car can drive by 50 ft away and the spotlight will come on. I need it to come on so I can see someone messing with the cars but it doesn’t. Cars driving by is the majority of my notifications which is the least of my worries.

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I’ve had issues with battery life, 2 out of 3 cameras discharge completely after about 3wks, & minimal use. Very disappointed given the claims. Time to try for a replacement, but after reading the posts here, I’m concerned that customer service is also poor.

@tre156 Report it to Eufy. They are usually pretty good on the hardware side of things and replacing faulty devices. They’ll ask some questions, just make your case and give them some examples and you shouldn’t have too much of a problem.

My complaints (and many others on here) are in regards to the software and update side of things. Acknowledging or fixing them in an efficient manner is way below par.