Battery life eufycam 1

After a little over 2 years of use (backers of kickstarter project), the battery of one of my 3 eufycams (the one outside) no longer recharges. After several days connected to the base, it lost the percentages of battery left to drop to zero while being charged. I have never had a problem before and I am very disappointed to have lost a camera. what can be done? change? commercial gesture ? battery change?

You tried using an external charger?

Yes i tried a PD 60w powerbank, a 100w charger, another cables. Just react to the charge but dont charge

Have you tried a .5 or 1.0A charger? Sometimes when a battery is almost completely drained, it needs a trickle charge before it can charge normally. If this still does not work, then either the charge circuit of battery are gone.