Battery Life eufy battery doorbell

Hi There

Just charged my Eufy battery doorbell fully to a 100 %. Have been owning it for just 2 days. After 2 hours battery level decreased to 89% with with lowest level of capturing events. How???

I’ve just started my 2nd charge cycle on mine. It was at 10% after 21 days, but I put it down to a lot of playing about and live streaming as I was getting used to it (being a new toy and all). The stats seem to be wiped on a new charge, but I do recall seeing 1000’s of ‘Detected events’ and ‘False Events’. This will take it’s toll on power usage. Once the Doorbell is back to full charge and put back, I am expecting a longer cycle before the next charge.

One thing that has come to mind is will the AI need to learn from scratch what is a ‘false event’ or does it remember all the time? :thinking:

I had intended to do a follow up about this. Now that I have done a 2nd charge on the doorbell, it seems the battery drain is worse this time round. I rarely used the Live Stream and the false detections seems to be ridiculously high. Eufy needs improve the AI or strictly only detect within the detection zone and not anything outside of the borders :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Holy sh*t! 9900 events in 14 days? That’s 700 events per day! Must be a busy street!

Do you have a camera on the same spot as your doorbell?
If so, it might be possible to only let the doorbell record when the camera sees something interesting or when’s someone rings the doorbell. Assuming the camera does not have as many false activations.

It’s the Battery 2K Doorbell. The odd false detection gets recorded, when checking there is nothing that I can see to activate it, but then it could have been in the first few secs before the recording starts. This is the problem when the front door faces the main road, and sun facing in the afternoon (season dependent). I know it has picked up shadows and reflections from tall vehicles before, and the same cheeky pigeon that walks backwards and forwards in front of the doorbell sometimes. I’m half believing the AI is working in that it only sends genuine notifications, but then it is still seeing motion outside the detection zone rather than ignoring it completely.