Battery Doorbell UK Power Requirements

Can someone please give me a clear robust answer as to what power requirements the Batter Doorbell requires to be powered?

The only information I can find on documentation is that it requires “8v - 24v” literally no other information has been given.

I don’t have existing wiring going to my doorbell so I purchased an 18v 500ma AC 3-pin adapter - i’ve wired it up and the app shows has changed from a battery percentage to a plug icon, however, 3 days in, I disconnected the adapter to see if the battery was at 100%, and it wasn’t???

Can someone with experience on this please inform me, I’ve called Eufy support and the response was “8v - 24v”

I’m on the verge of just buying a Nest or Ring if I can’t solve this soon.

What was the battery percentage?

From what I’ve experienced and read It has firmware to keep it between 85% (80?) and 90% for battery conditioning.

If your battery is at 50% there might be a problem, between 80 and 90, working as intended.

it was about 50% when the adapter was hooked up, 3 days later 34%

That’s no good, unless it’s constantly detecting motion day and night and using power it should be charging up to 90% whenever it gets the chance.

The plug will show in the app just because it is wired that way, it looks like it doesn’t sense enough to know if the power supply is actually good enough to charge it.

I’m with you on the lack of documentation, leaving us to guess as to what the actual amperage required is :(.

I’m using 8va AC (8 volts, 1 ampere) and is gives no problems, always around 85% battery.

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Then that would suggest .5 isn’t enough, since he has 3x more volts but half your amps.

I believe .6/7 is enough, but I’m just guessing/ comparing to what a micro usb charge will do, if we say minimum 1 amp it should get there.

Shame that someone has to waste money trying to figure out what should be a published spec.

Power has more elements than just volts :frowning:

I can change my waiting to give 16v8a and 24v8a.
These are then the outputs:
8VA: 8V/1A, 12V/0,67A, 24V/0,33A
Best to check if your transformer does not also do the same (divide the amps).

Try with 1 amp for better results I’d say. It could really be that the power is too weak. In that case they might have taken 1A as a ‘default’ everyone would understand :stuck_out_tongue:

Max charge a wired connection will give you is 90%.

If your doorbell isn’t sitting around 75-90% at some point in a 24 hour then check that the connections are solid. I’ve had re-screw the wires to get a better connection.