Battery Doorbell power strangeness

Hi all,

So I’ve installed Eufy Security app on my tablet as well but have noticed something strange going on when looking at the Battery Doorbell on the tablet. My mobile phone is currently showing 47% power (after only almost 9 days from full charge), but on my tablet it is showing 60% and the green battery indicator is animating like it is being charged! Anyone know what is going on?


Update: I’ve noticed that after several minutes of the above, the battery indicator settles down and shows the same 47% as the phone. I tested the app on the phone by signing out/closing and back in again, don’t get the issue there. However, did the same on the tablet again and same thing happens. The indicator is fine for the camera. Any ideas?

I have similar issue with my eyfycam 2. yesterday I charged it to 79% and put it outside. this morning I check the power to see how much remain and it showed 84%?I think the cam can’t charge itself. it must be inaccurate reading from the software.