Battery Doorbell not detecting human

My Eufy Battery Powered type keep missing detecting a delivery guy. Wondering what would be the issue?
It has been great last couple months. But has been playing up since last couple weeks.


What is your activity zone? It may have to do with that.
Mine works fine, and I have sensitivity set to 1.

Does low sensitivity mean a low threshold for movement to send a notification? And high sensitivity means a high amount of motion needed for a notification?

The higher the sensitivity, the ‘faster’ it detects motion it would normally ignore. The issue with this is that the chance of false detections increases, too.
I think you should first check whether your activity zone can cover a full human body. I read that it detects human body/torso. If someone just sets a foot in your activity zone, it should not trigger.

Hi Rik2,

I have mine set on the highest (5).
Human Only.

The doorbell has been working flawlessly but something changed from end of last month. Statt missing recording of people coming to deliver in front of the door (where the doorbell attached).

Also there is 1 more issue.
There is one time, I saw the doorbell recording someone that went to the other side of my porch (it is a dead end, so that man need to come back via the same way where he went and that way means he needs to pass my front door again) but the doorbell didnt record when he go back.

I am assuming there is a couple second delay to initiate recording??

The AI has been working flawlessly. I never received any false notification with my setup.
All notofications received always have someone in it.

I remember when I tried by changing the setup to detect everything, I received alot of notifications, most of them are passing cars.

I set my motion detection area to enabling the doorbell camera see the full torso of human.
It is like 90% of the frame.

I just had the same exact problem. Delivery guy came knocked on the door I took the food from him. Just out of curiosity I looked to see the picture and there was nothing there. It detects everyone else just people walking by and everything else but this one it missed.