Battery doorbell not charging with existing chime

I bought a new battery doorbell and was planning to replace my existing wired doorbell so that I get constant power. However swapping old doorbell switch with Eufy doesn’t charge it. Also existing chime isn’t working. What am I missing? Could my existing transformer be too low? I don’t have a device to measure current from the existing transformer. Any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks.

Have you checked if the connection is fused? The fuse may have blown. Try connecting the old doorbell to see if it still works.

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Assuming your dumb doorbell still works (you may want to check), check the transformer. Mine is 16V 10VA type and that is enough to charge the batteries of my Eufy battery doorbell and also allow the old mechanical chime to work.

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My existing chime works perfectly fine so the only explanation could be that the transformer of existing chime is too low power. I do not have equipment to check that so thinking of buying a new one. any suggestion which one should I buy in the UK?

Sorry, I’m in the US. For the UK, you may want to look at this video first. However it is for the wired one instead of the battery one, and it comes with a powered transformer. The video even has a clear image of the label with the specifics of the transformer. If all else fails contact