Battery doorbell, no detection at night/dark

Hi all, my new doorbell works perfectly during the day, plenty of detections with a fairly large activity zone (bottom half of the screen) and the sensitivity set to Human, with the slider in the default mid position.

Noticed that during the first night there were no detections at all, nothing, so tonight I’ve pushed the sensitivity up full and it detects nothing.

I can live view the camera at night and the image quality is perfect.


Try changing to All Motion and see whether it pick up any motion in the dark.

I have an issue with the 2 pro, but mine is due to it being stuck in day mode. At night it will come on in colour first then switch to night mode B&W. But it will still pick up human motion if set to human motion but not other motion when it should.

All eufy cameras automatically changed to All motion from Human in low light. This can not be changed.

Question: are you expecting motion at night anyway? I get motion on mine throughout the day due to my post man or deliveries, during the night I have zero due to no one coming on my land.

Also have you tried waiting for it to get dark them walking past the camera at different distances to see if it triggers it?

Yea that’s how it should work but mine has an issue where it doesn’t detect when it goes to low light and get stuck thinking it still day time which is why I ask the Op to try changing to All Motion and see whether it works picking up motion at night.

Doesn’t seem to matter what the settings are, I can walk right up to it at night and it detects nothing, thinking faulty light sensor myself.