Battery doorbell mounting bracket antitheft?

Impressed with the battery door bell.
I’m concerned with the mounting bracket that sides are tapered at an angle enabling someone to able to grab the doorbell and pull it out. Is there a mounting bracket that has flat sides (90degrees to the wall) so there is no chance of being grabbed. How about a metal mounting bracket? Thank you.


This is a perfect example of the little design choices that are missing from the whole Eufy lineup. Another is the entry sensor should be symmetrical and without text to be able to be mounted more universally and doesn’t look daft if mounted upside down.

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I agree. Ideally in metal, different colours. A white one would be good for me.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts here!

So sorry that the doorbell mount bracket is not availale at this stage.

You have our promise that our engineers would work day and night to improve this product and we are glad to have your support and understanding, which would be a huge encouragement for us to seeking continuous improvement.

We will consider the possibility of future development. Any other concerns we can address in the future, please feel free to contact us.

​Thank you for your support. Have a lovely day.

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£190 on my front door and the doorbell is tapered for a burglar to get a perfect grip on it and Anker think it’s not important to make an anti theft bracket?

Stone Age thinking and not reality of “Smart” tech age - basic security that, no need for cyber criminals when they can rip it off - stop giving big talk about what the engineers will do, get it done, ring already have, be prepared to lose to your competition or step up your game - pure amateurs

It’s the main reason why I haven’t mounted it yet and considering returning it for Ring Doorbell, atleast theres anti theft casing and FREE replacement if stolen, Anker still doing inspirational visions of what they will do in future whilst cameras are being stolen and customers facing a hole in the pocket and no Anker Support for loyalty - that doesn’t require engineering, that is a statement to stand by your loyalty base to secure their trust in overseas tech in the age of cybercrime


Agreed, they need to make something to stop them just being stolen. I have just made a simple cover from a 2G surface patress, obviously it’s not 100% secure anyone can just smash the bottom and pit a sim card tool in and take the camera, but it may offer a slight deterrent. my main reason for fitting the box was I needed to space it away from the door by a few mm to clear the corner of the wall, otherwise it would mess up the night vision.
I think there is definitely a market for a metal mounting plate, that will cover the sim card tool hole, and has 2 bolts on the back side that will go right through the door frame and be secured with some nuts from inside the house.


So you have an .stl file for this ?

No, I don’t have an .stl file for it, (I just had to google that)
It’s just a plastic box I found which was luckily the exact size, they are available here
I just cut the 2 mounting lugs out with a multitool and then cut it down to size with a grinder

in the Netherlands somebody started producing steel covers for eufy and nest. @eufy why dont you guys offer something like this?

You could also engrave your address in the cover of the doorbell, this makes it very undesirable for thiefs. (heck you could even engrave 'this doorbell has been stolen from … ’ on the back )


What happens when somebody steals my doorbell, can a thief pair the device to their homebase?


Did you screw or use sticky pads to mount your doorbell? It is a upvc door frame. Ideally I’d like to do the same but reluctant to screw into upvc. Thanks

I don’t think there is anything stopping someone from stealing your device and adding it to their homebase. I keep a list of my security devices model, serial, and MAC address just for that reason. You could probably send an email with that information to support and have them check if the devices are active if they are stolen.


My doorbell was stolen today by some young lad who just liked the look of it and uses his hand to pull it off the wall mount. Took him 5 seconds. So if am I to remain an Anker customer I need to find some protective antitheft casing so as to not make it so easy.
Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

I’ve just bought the Eufy battery video 2k doorbell too and I’m worried how flimsy the mounting plate is and how easy it is to grab the device off the wall when mounted. Coming from a ring camera I presumed security would be designed in a bit like on the ring. That wasn’t the best security but this is shocking!

I quite like the idea of the fitted white plastic case mentioned in an earlier post but how do you remove the doorbell to charge the battery?

The other one mentioned looked very ugly (sorry) and I wouldn’t really wanted to spoil the aesthetic unless absolutely necessary.

Any other options out there?

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Hi everyone
I am also surprised in Eufy (Anker) not supplying a security proof encasement. They would sell a lot more items. Anyway I have decided to design one myself as thats what I do for a lIving.
I am currently working on a security cover for the Video Doorbell 2K (Battery powered) as we speak, made of alum. but complelty encases the camera. I am also designing it to suit various angles but not adjustable as screws can be removed quickly. Its all welded togeather and ground down smooth.
As ours driveway is at an odd angle so when people walk up the 15deg wedge is useless.

P.S. Ste mentoned about the removal of the doorbell to charge.
I have designed a plate that goes over the pre-drilled hole at the base but is secured to the base with 4 no. csk headed security screws which are hard work to undo if you do not have the tools. Its also getting secured to the wall with 4 screws which are inside the encasement so cannot be accessed and it’s bonded to the structure.


I too am interested in protection, I hesitated for a long time with the Ring, the Eufy is superior except for the theft protection.
If anyone know where I can get a protective case?
Thank you

Unfortunately theft is a problem for any video doorbell not just Eufy. I am unsure if Eufy plans to make an anti theft cover, but I will inquire about it.

In the meantime one way you can protect your device would be to get a product like shown below, it works great for the battery operated video doorbells and keeps is secure. Click the picture to be taken to the product page.


thank you, but not compatible for a gate post and not available for France.
At least to reassure Ring to assure the replacement free of charge.
When I see the locking system … a paper clip is enough …

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It’s not available … (I’m not sure if the image loaded)

frankly I’m shocked and disappointed by this lack of security on a security product And even more so that we would be told to go buy a secondary product as clients.

I’ve just received mine and was excited to Install it and make up where the mounted cameras Are lacking but why would I install something that could simply be stolen.

Eufy Is establishing itself a reputation for quality technology but they are lacking in inspirational thinking for consumer use.

I will be sending my camera back.

As I mentioned before theft is not inherit to just Eufy alone as the same can be done to Ring/Nest/Arlo.

And I merely mentioned the product above as someone asked what they can use to help protect their video doorbell. If you feel you must return it for fear of theft, then go for it as its your choice and Eufy offers a no hassle return.