Battery doorbell missed recording often

I have had the battery doorbell since April and have it hardwired into existing doorbell so battery was never an issue. About a month ago, I notice there were not much motion detection recording and last night when a guest entered my front door and there was no recording from the doorbell.

Settings were set to optimal surveillance , all motion recording , extreme sensitive, up to date firmware yet the doorbell missed many recording unless the subject stand in front of the doorbell for more than 1 minute.

Anyone notice this decline in battery doorbell?

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I habe the same problem with a new battery doorbell. Only used with batteries.

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Same problem. Eufy do something about it!!!

Anyone found a solution to this yet?

Depending on how your camera is pointing, its facing can cause missed events as well.
If people walk towards the camera, it’s harder to detect.
If people walk across the camera’s view, it is easier to detect movement and people.

Maybe it’s a translation issue but the sensitivity is described as Distance. I’ve tried lowering mine to 2 since 5 is not detecting people coming and going. Only cars going by in the distance.

And maybe the scale is the opposite of what we think?

Will post back if this changes anything.

Early days but this seems to have worked!