Battery Doorbell + Homebase w/Mesh Network

I currently utilize the Smarthings Mesh network, strong connection throughout the house.

I’d like to store the Eufy Homebase in the basement w/my AV equipment. Unfortunately this means the homebase will be far away from the doorbell and ultimately a poor connection.

With that in mind, does the Eufy battery doorbell route it’s data through my Mesh network, which then connects to the Homebase or does it only connect directly to the homebase?

One more question…if I have to keep the Homebase close to the doorbell, any estimates on how close it should be?

It connects directly to the Homebase. It uses a low power wireless connection to the Homebase when idle, and then switches to a wireless connection for streaming video.

It uses the 2.4 ghz band to be exact. Just keep in mind power outages. So would recommend using a battery backup to the homebase and also your internet router etc.

Just check the signal strength once moved and you’ll figure out if it will work or not for you. Good luck on getting anything answered by Eufy here.

Thanks everybody, that info is really helpful.

I agree, at least with the 2.4 band I may be able to eek out enough of a connection to stream video vs if it was dedicated over 5.0. I’ll test the connection at the door by placing a single ST hub in the basement and if there’s a decent connection, I may just spring for the doorbell and hope the Homebase/Doorbell react the same way.

Thanks again everybody for the advice.