Battery doorbell and homebase2

I’m hoping someone can help me as im super upset and not knowing if this is compatable for me now.

I have just bought the 2k video doorbell and homebase2 so it all connected up works fine in the house the minute the doorbell goes out the door it doesnt play the live feed but says preparing to play video… if I turn down the sensitivity then it’s way too delayed. The router is no more than 5 meters from the door and the homebase a meter away.

What’s wrong and what can I do or do I admit defeat and send it back?

Any help would be much appreciated??

Never give up… never surrender. Lol. Sorry

Ummmm. Sensitivity won’t help. I don’t have a doorbell cam… but I had a similar situation. I have a cam 80 ft away in a tree down my driveway. Struggled with live feed and cam offline at that distance. Moved the homebase a couple ft in each direction to test.

After playing with it I ended up moving the HB 6 inches and now it’s rock solid. I had a huge issue with cams going offline awhile back. But that got fixed some time ago. Play with it before returning.

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Question also… you said sensitivity adjust cause delay. Does it still trigger and record events when outside? Just no live feed?

If so… try lowering your stream quality to its lowest setting and test that. ( I’m assuming you can do that on a 2k doorbell )

So if I lower the stream thing to lowest or 2 out of 5 (typical useless jargon but dont have it on) it plays and doesnt disconnect but is super pixelated and really lagging. So if someone rang the bell by the time I can get it they would have left… which is pointless.

If it’s in the house it’s fine… I cant move my router… and I’ve tried the homebase a meter away and both on ethernet cable to router and on wifi…

Soon as outside nothing plays… not live or video feed.

Thanks for the encouragement and replying I’ve felt defeated but I shall try again.

Don’t have what on?

So let’s see. You have a battery doorbell 2k. You set the video quality for streaming to low ( you said it’s numbers on the doorbell app ). What is the recording quality set at? Try setting record quality to 1080p and test that.

Inside you said it streams (live view) and looks good… it will trigger correctly on movement and save the recorded video to your events tab… and that playback looks good also. Ring the bell indoors it rings correctly? And that ring comes from the homebase? Sorry… don’t have a doorbell so I’m winging it.

But outside it it won’t do anything and you are only a few ft from where it was working perfectly inside?

Have you tried other locations outside to test if it works or not? Maybe the location you want to mount it has some weird interference? Also… those battery doorbells have a wired option also I think… are you on battery power or wired outside?

Wish I was there to mess with it :slight_smile:

Also if your indoors and it’s streaming perfectly… what happens if you hand the doorbell that’s streaming live correctly to someone and have them walk outside with it? ( with u still inside with whatever device your watching it on stays in the same spot? )

Does the picture suddenly go bad when they walk outside?