Battery Doorbell and Chime

I notice that with the latest app update for IOS there was a statement that the “Battery Doorbell supports 433MhZ Chime”. Is this the chime what comes with the wired doorbell? If so, how do we connect it to our system and configure it as I am not seeing any options?

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Thank you for reaching out.

In this case, the Battery doorbell needs to be wired first in order to access the option in the eufy security app.

If you are still having issue with the setup, please send us an email We will get you taken care of within 24 hours.

Guess I am missing the point of adding the chime to the “battery” powered doorbell that now has to be wired for this feature. If I have an existing doorbell wire I would have gone with the “wired” version in the first place which comes with the chime.