Battery doorbell 'all motion at night'

Hi guys,

So I got my battery doorbell two days ago.
In the app it says for the eufycam 2 that when set to detect humans, it will always detect ‘all motion’ at night.
I set my doorbell to detect humans as well, but there I do not see the text that it detects all motion (instead of just humans) during the night.

Is this implicitly still activated, or does the doorbell always only detect humans when that setting is activated? So no nightly override to ‘all motion’.


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Mine set to human detection only and only detected human motion at night.

Wouldn’t want it to change at night like the eufy cam2 or 2c. Wouldn’t want all them alerts at night from my doorbell. Eufy said they done that for the cams as people wanted that :man_shrugging:

Makes sense. I would’ve wanted to have it like the eufyCam as at night the human detection is a lot worse due to poor lighting
(a toggle of eufycam 2 like behaviour would have been nice).

Thanks for clarifying, Jon!

So far my doorbell has pick up human movements at night. Have to see how it is in the long winter nights here in the UK. Hopefully still be good.