Battery depleting when camera is switched off

have recently bought a kit with 2x eufyCam-2C, first experiences very positive. Have fully charged the cameras, which should give me 180days. After testing them a few times (total less than 5 minutes), I have switched them off with the app. Now about a week later, I switched them back on and see the batteries are depleted more than half, on both of them. So the good news is that I don’t have to argue about which settings I have, they were off. The bad news: what causes that battery drain? Since it’s in both, I doubt it’s a hardware problem. Do they keep looking for the basestation that often that it would explain such a level of depletion in a week time? And does switching the base station off as well have a major impact on the draining of the cameras? I.e. if the base station is off, do the cameras enter some mode that they keep pinging for it?
Rgds, C

I am seeing the same with camera off and base station on

Thanks for sharing your feedback sup243. Maybe I should/add change my question: can any of the users that have had these cameras for a longer time share what kind of battery life they get? Is it indeed close to 6 months as indicated? I wouldn’t have a problem if it even was only 1~2 months, but with what I’m seeing now I would return the cameras as I can’t use them for my purpose (remote control viewing without event detection)

I have 2 2C cams and have been keeping track of battery life. They are both in back of the house looking toward the front of the house so get less than the average activations.

1 was installed 2/5/21 and I charged it on 6/20 when it was at 46%.
2 was installed 3/12/21 and hasn’t been charged. Currently at 72%.

So, I am happy with battery life on both. They are close to advertised battery life.

Slight battery use when the cam is switched off is probably normal as the camera would still be communicating its status to the app through the homebase. It shouldn’t drain your batteries to 50% in a few days.

The easiest way to check whether its communication that is draining the device is either power off the homebase by unplugging or remove one of the cameras from the app and see if it continues to drain.