Battery charging issue


I just replaced Eufy doorbell as it was not charging. The brand new Eufy doorbell charged for a while then stopped at 59%.

Now it is charging again, but it seems to me there are lots of charging issues with this doorbell. Are we still expecting the battery should be no less than 80% at any given time?

Huh?!? Where did you hear that?

Also… what are you charging your battery with? ( like the recommended homebase )

Mine cycles from around 75% up to 86% and its been doing that for almost 8 months since hook up. I would like it to stop at 80%, but I can live with the extra 6%. It drops a little lower in the winter when temps approach the charging cutoff, but it seems to operate fine on its own. I make sure that before things get cold the charge level is high so it doesn’t drop too low in the cold.

So this must be a battery doorbell hooked to existing wires. And doesn’t charge fully? Interesting. ( I don’t own one )

There are several recent studies that say charging to 80% and stopping will give you 600-800 more battery cycles than taking it to 100%. While that was specifically aimed at cell phone batteries, they tested electric car batteries and several other types of lithium cells and found the same increase in cycles held true.

Here is a link to one article.

Wow. And the cam does this automatically?

So… what’s the benefit of a batt cam if you have power? So you can get the last 10 sec of video when someone steels your doorbell? :slight_smile:

Does Homebase connection require more power then doorbell wires can supply? Or an easy way to make a HB doorbell for eufy?

I’m getting off the subject … never mind

I am guessing, but Anker’s expertise in battery devices must have come into play when they decided on charge controller cutoff points.

Its kind of interesting that if you charge with the 5 volt usb port, it will let you charge to 100%. It may be just the combination of doorbell activations and transformer capacity that keeps the charge in that range, but I would think it would eventually get up in the 90% range if the charge controller didn’t cut back. I don’t have that many people coming onto the porch or ringing the doorbell.

Its hard to compare it with the wired doorbell, which draws about 350 ma when it wakes, sends notifcation, and rings the chime. The WiFi protocol Eufy uses is supposed to be developed for low power use, so don’t think that would require more load than the wired model that talks over normal 2.4 Ghz Wifi. It should take less.