Battery 2k Doorbell - Indoor Chime Not Working

Hi all,

The homebase chime, essentially doesn’t chime!

All settings are on/full volume etc. It has previously chimed after I restarted the homebase via the app but alas that was it! When it did, the sounds was awfully distorted and crackled.

I’ve performed all software updates, ethernet cable vs WiFi test, full resets and so on.

Its maddening frankly, any advice is appreciated.

I’m having the same problem! I’ve got the battery doorbell and a Homebase set up with cameras, but the chime cannot connect to the bell I’ve tried almost everything, getting a bit fed up now

Email Eufy support, I did and they sent a new homebase out free. Problem solved. Unfortunately, mine was totally defective.

I suspect it’s a ‘known’ issue…