Badge notifications counting up

My icon badge has been counting up all day, rather than clearing after I open the eufy app. My badge is now showing 50 notifications.

@shehacker when you open the eufysecurity app, pull down the screen to refresh. If you still have an issue, restart your phone and check again.

I refresh every time I open the open. Shut the phone down twice. Still not working right, and clips are coming in 20 mins after the activity is recorded.

Mine has been doing the same thing for a week. I refresh the app…it clears, then when I check the app later the notification badge show hundreds of events, when I check the event…it’s 1 or 2. I just don’t pay any attention to it anymore.

@shehacker & @Charlie310 please reachout to

Today it’s back to working as it’s supposed to - yay! Maybe it was the moon or something cosmic lol

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Good to know @shehacker

Yep, mine too…back to normal, no more 115 alerts. Problem at Eufy??

Do you have any screenshots on this?

Guess the new app update resolved it.