Bad vibes from Eufy - How to return orders?

Yeah, I have the video doorbell and read about the indoor 2k cam. Picked up 10 as the price was right, HomeKit and HSV were coming. However, I am just getting a bad vibe. The “explore” button in the app is useless and shouldn’t be there. Something like settings should be there. Theres the referral section in the app. Never seen that in any other app. Then I get to see a colorful bouncing present notification, in the app. Deals, deals, DEALS! New items, new this, new that. Feels like a pyramid scheme.

Here’s a tip Eufy, stop making new things and make the things you already have, better. Especially the app, the software and the SECURITY of the app and accounts. No 2FA anywhere to be seen. None. This is all giving me flashbacks to the the X10 days. I just looked at their site and interesting to see, they both look similar.

I really want to use the new cams but I’ve heard “HomeKit coming soon” before, it never does. The date keeps being pushed and I am not sure Eufy actually takes security serious. It feels as though you just want to sell as much product as you can, to as many people as you can, no matter the quality or security.

The new cameras don’t even have geo-fencing?!?!

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I also want to point this out - Anker | Live Charged. - Anker US - Do you want actual feedback from power users as you suggest, or are you looking for influencers to sell your product? Which one is it?

Who is eligible to apply as a Power User?

Applicants are selected based on your tech experience, your online presence, and other smaller factors etc.

Some basic requirements for application:

  1. Location

Applicants must reside in one of the following countries: the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Spain.

  1. Active and have some online influence

The program has grown very quickly. In order to better distribute our limited resources across diverse online platforms, we are having to limit our program to applicants who meet the requirements below:

● Active online presence on social media platforms (at least 50,000 followers and high engagement), YouTube (at least 2000 subscribers and high-quality video production), blogs or tech websites (top 100,000 on Alexa global ranking, senior member with quality posts) etc.
● Valid links to your review posts on e-commerce websites, social media, YouTube, blogs, deal/tech websites etc. must be provided for evaluation.

Anker maintains full rights to judge and determine an applicant’s acceptance into the Power User programs.

I’ve been around Anker for about 5 years now and I’ve been a power user for years too. It works both ways. The do listen to feedback and many changes get added into future versions of products but some things do take time. As a consumer somethings also frustrate me like why they have so many versions of cables or earphones etc just clouding the market.

Overall though. I trust Anker to do the right thing and these might be delayed. Not sure where you live but being in the UK, we also have to wait longer than the US to get our hands on things and some products don’t ever make it here.

I would just say. Be patient, they are great at doing giveaways too. Enjoy being part of the Anker team and provide useful reviews and requests :slight_smile:

I would love to stay and give these things a shot but my concern is two fold, security with access to my hardware. No two factor authentication. That’s BIG for me. Lastly, I’ve been burned by the “HomeKit coming soon” promise. I don’t want to be burned again.

I love anker and have a crap ton of their products. I love the eufy doorbell. The cams are good but the app is in serious need of cleanup and polish for me to take them serious as a “security” company.