Backup recordings from Homebase 2 to NAS?

Hello all, as of now I haven’t been able to see if this is available but has anybody found a way to transfer your recordings from your Homebase 2/Floodlight/Doorbell camera to save to a NAS location?

I have the following:

  • Eufy Floodlight Camera (onboard storage)

  • Eufy 2K Wired Doorbell (onboard storage)

  • 4 - EufyCam 2 Wireless (365 Battery Life) Cameras; HomeBase 2 Storage)

I have the cameras to record all events, not just humans, because I live in a high traffic area and I get a lot of people, random cars, and delivery drivers in my location so I want to see if a random car just parks in my driveway but someone doesn’t get out (as an example).

I did not set up HomeKit or RTSP because HomeKit was killing my battery life on the wireless cameras and RTSP was also killing the life of the batteries. SO…I stuck with the native storage solutions (not eufy cloud storage), also because the quality seems to be downgraded when you do RTSP/HomeKit.

Any feedback from users? I know there were some other posts saying that eufy mentioned the USB would offer expandable storage options down the road and/or an AI USB stick for cameras without AI. I also read somewhere that if they released a Homebase 3, that would offer better storage options as well.

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