Background blur for the video doorbell (privacy laws Europe/Belgium)

Due to the privacy law in Belgium (and other countries in Europe) it is not allowed to have your camera pointed at the public road, public spaces, … everything that is not your property. In many cases, this means that having a wifi doorbell at your front door is impossible (against the law).

A solution to this problem could be adding the possibility in the software to blur the background (as you have with videoconferencing software like Microsoft Teams).

The battery cameras all have Privacy Zones you can set to block out any unwanted areas. It’s possible that they will be added to the doorbells at some point. You would have to contact support to ask about a possible upgrade for the doorbells.


Privacy zones is one thing, but won’t solve the issue as these zones are (as far as I know) static zones.
They’d have to to be dynamic, ensuring that the person who is in front of the doorbell is in focus even when he moves into a privacy zone, which is not the case, I think? (correct me if I’m wrong). That’s why I’m suggesting the blurring of the background only, maintaining the focus on the person who presses the doorbell.

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I really seek this option as well, blurring the background would solve a lot of privacy concerns for me in my street. Our houses are positioned across each other.

I have a wired doorbell