Baby Monitor Deal on Amazon

Can someone explain why I should by the 2-Cam kit currently $200 on Amazon vs the SpaceView single Camera and buy the Add-on camera currently $190 ($160+$60)?

With the space view camera, you get a separate hand held screen and the cameras have a wider field if vision. If you are in need of a baby monitor then this is the route I would go, also because Amazon has a $30 dollar off coupon for the single and $40 for the dual camera set up

That did not answer my question. Both of my options are baby monitors. It’s just the 2 cam kit does not say space view. Is the 2 cam kit not spaceview cameras? Is the add on camera a space view?

My mistake, when I initially read 2cam kit I thought it was the 2c camera kit. But no your right it is essentially the same thing, just one you buy them separately or together. No difference other than the price

Thanks for the answer!!