Automation question

Is it possible to create automations for individual security modes? eg Home, away modes etc…

I created a automation for my front and back door sensors so that if either door was opened the external camera alarms would sound. I wanted this automation in away mode only but its active in all modes

Am I missing something or is it just not possible?

@Darren68 Automations override the mode settings. Meaning if you set an automation like you’re describing, it will happen in all modes. If you only want it to happen when you’re away from home, then I would set up an automation that when the homebase alarms the cameras record/alarm. Then check box the correct settings in one of your modes…where when the doors open it alarms the base. Then when you select that mode, if the doors were to open it will trigger the base which will then trigger the cameras to automate (alarm/record).

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That works perfectly!! Many thanks :grinning:

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