Automation issue - camera alarms

I have set up automation to activate all my camera alarms. The problem is, I need to be able to activate and deactivate by keypad. The homebase alarm alone is just not enough. Can someone help? Surely I’m not limited to having to manually set and clear them in the app every day?

To do what? Keypad panic button to trigger homebase alarm and all cam alarms? Any cam alarm to set off all alarms?

I would guess if you set all cams to trigger the homebase… and then an automation : if homebase alarm… then all cams alarm. That should set them all off. That should include the keypad panic button would fire all cam alarms also.

Some more detail what your trying to do would help.


I have 3 sensors on doors - I have each sensor programmed with a trigger under ‘automation’ to action the camera alarms on all 5 camera’s. That’s because we live on acreage and the home are alarm on its own isn’t loud enough.

The only way I could figure out to have the sensor trigger all camera alarms was through automations. So I set up 3 triggers and actions.

The problem is that I can’t work out how to stop them from triggering the alarms when we’re home. The only solution I have so far is manually opening the app and disabling the whole system.

What I would like to be able to do is NOT have all the camera alarms go off unless we are not home - using the keypad home and away options. I’d like to use the away mode on the keypad to set the triggers and then turn them off in home mode.

I hope that makes sense.

PS. In the HOME mode, the only option for the sensors is to trigger the homebase alarm. Hence, why I set up automations.

Really I was wanting to use the keypad to stop the door sensors triggering the camera alarms when I come home. Otherwise I’m not sure what the point of the keypad is.

I just woke up so I’m still a bit glossy… but… did you read my first answer?

Home mode… no sensors or cameras have the homebase or camera alarms selected in that mode

Away mode … all cameras and sensors trigger the homebase alarm.

Automation. If homebase alarms then triggers all cams.

Wouldn’t that work?


Yes! Thank you! That makes perfect sense. Linking it to the home-based alarm means I can use the keypad to manage the triggers and actions.

Many thanks to you.

I spoke too soon. Well … no, it works to a degree. The trigger works to action Home-based as well as the camera alarms. I can’t get the keypad to work though. I enter my pass code and make my way out one of the triggered doors within the time setting … but the alarms all go off. I can’t seem to get the delay to work.

The delay should be set on the entry sensor you “go through” and it should be high enough. Are they?