Automation for battery status of camera

Hi all,
I would like to be able to create an automatic message in case the battery level goes down for one of my cameras but the only action for automations is a movement.
Would be nice to have some more here in future.
Best regards

You should get a notification from the app when your camera battery is getting low without having to set up an automation. I think it’s around 10-15 % but don’t remember exactly what the value is. It would be nice for it to be user configurable with a default value. That said, there are plenty of higher priority software fixes I’d rather have them work on than tweak the battery alarm value.

Oh, really?
If so then I missed this notification. Because my camera just switched off and I needed to reconnect it to the system after the recharge.
I will check again in about six months. :slightly_smiling_face:
Thank you very much for your comment.