Auto Save Wired Doorbell Video (and possibly a PC app)

The idea is simple.

Whenever the Wired Doorbell send a notification about a recording, simply have the App automatically begin to download the video and save it locally. The limited internal memory could possible come back to bite someone. And depending on hardware capabilities, if the data is being offloaded then you could also potentially increase the video bitrate for even greater visual clarity.

However, I don’t think anyone wants to overload their phone with video data. So instead create the same App but for use on a PC that can run in the background and save video. Heck, if possible make it record 24/7. Or even if not, you could simply add the automatic download feature to the mobile App and the technically inclined people will simply use an Android emulator on their PC.

We don’t exactly need to be putting NAS or SMB support into the Doorbell. Just an auto download and save feature to the mobile app. Then if it’s not too much trouble. Port that app to a Windows environment. Maybe Linux and Mac afterwards.