Auto night vision

My eufi pro cam 2 started daylight recording in the night mode with the inferred lights on and in black and white. If I turn the auto lights off I get color and of course night recording is black. Has this happened to anyone else. If so what is the fix

This happened to all my 2 Pro cameras! Contacted Eufy support, they tried updating the firmware, but only updated a few cameras? Since the firmware updates my 2 Pro cameras at night now for the first 1-2 secs records without infrared, dark video then the auto night vision kicks in. I have complained to Eufy about these issues, they are still trying to resolve without any success! I personally think they do try and fix but always end without a solution then they go quiet, no follow up nothing! It’s a little disappointing as the auto night vision before the updates was perfect. Since the updates on my 2 Pro cameras, auto night vision turn on late, their is a constant hissing when viewing, the sound volume is very quiet even though it is at the maximum volume, motion detection is far worse as well. Surprisingly all my 2C cameras perform much better than the more expensive 2 Pro, motion detection is far superior, recorded volume is much louder and clearer, but picture quality is not 2K!

Contact Eufy, hopefully they can update your camera and Homebase firmware, which might fix, did not fix my cameras!


Thank you for your reply. I have three eufycam 2 and 3 eufy cam2c and 1 eufycam 2 Pro. Pro is the only one that gave me the problem I won’t buy another one thank you