Auto download every video to iPhone without having to press the download button

Is there currently a way that all videos will automatically be downloaded to my iPhone? My issue is that my husband who moved out of our home still has admin rights, and if he leaves while arguing or doing anything that might make him look bad, he immediately deletes them on his phone and they are gone forever.

I want the ability to have every video automatically downloaded to my iPhone before they can be deleted. See my query from earlier asking how to remove him as an admin since he no longer lives here.

According to my knowlegde you can only “save” footage with a cloud account or via NAS. I am not sure if you can do this when you are guest! Maybe admin rights needed

Can you not reset the homebase and then reconnect all camera’s again so that the other user will not have acces anymore?

or create a new account and then re-sync all camera’s to this new account (your new account only) and then done.

Eufy is committed to promoting its own cloud storage. Blocking apple homekit or automatic downloading of video recordings is systematically blocked. Not very customer oriented.
Just like Nest and Ring, by the way. That makes me switch back to my own make (Raspberry Pi solutions).