Audio interference

**when using audio to speak to someone via any one of my camera there Is significant interference, cracking and other odd noises - maybe some sort of feedback. Eufy help desk doesn’t provide any useful advice and generally blames it on me. Does anyone else have the same problem? I don’t think the interference is recorded, it’s just when speaking and listening live. Or even just pressing the hold snd speak button. I’m using iPhone and iPad. **

Yes have the same issues with my 2C and 2 Pro cameras. Strangely the 2 Pro cameras are worse. When I first purchased the cameras they worked perfectly, but since multi updates this has occurred. I once had updates to my cameras and the auto night vision would not turn on, I had a pitch black live view! Eufy send firmware updates to rectify but it still does not function like when I first purchased them.

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I nearly always have feedback, it’s irritating to say the least. However, I also think my system has been compromised; although I’ve changed the password a few times, I’ll shut off the cameras and they’ll be on later without any schedule or notifications.
Don’t get me started on the phone weirdness.

I have been getting the same noise on my cams the past few months. I tried using a bluetooth headset and there is no noise at all. It seems to be an app related problem. I used multiple iOS devices and problem persists and using a headset was my temporary solution.

This is still a problem for me. This feature is actually useless. Customer services answer but always suggest it my equipment at fault, not theirs. When I first bought the system it was ok, but has degraded on each software update.


100% useless. I can understand the person talking to the camera, but they can’t understand me. It’s crackly and has frustrating pauses throughout the sentence