Audio delay video playback and other bugs

The video playback through the app is awful, the amount of bugs in the app it is astounding but I’ll cover the video playback.

Things that need fixed are audio sync to video, scrolling through video playback and swiping through videos after playback stopped (I’ll explain).

So as you all know I’m sure, the audio playback on videos is way off, I have video doorbell and 2c Pro cameras and they all do it. But if you download the video and play it on your phone the audio is synced like it should be, thus is an APP issue that needs addressed.

Scrolling through the video playback is a joke, again if you’re trying to find a specific spot in a video you have to download the video and use a different app on your phone. The video playback on the app is hit or miss on scrolling through time on the video, I suspect it’s because it’s streaming the video from the homebase or something.

Swiping through videos after viewing them seems to work until you zoom in, and if the video ends with you zoomed in then you can’t swipe to the next video, you can hit play and notice it’ll be zoomed in, it doesn’t auto zoom out after the video ends. Again this is all within the video playback through the app. If you end the video zoomed in and can’t swipe, you can literally pinch zoom out while the video ISN’T playing and then you are able to swipe to next or previous recording (this night be an app bug).

Hopefully some of this helps other users and reaches #eufy #support #staff so the app can get fixed

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@mbo81 @eufy_official 1 year later and still the same issue
Swiping to next video on landscape would be nice too

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